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Receiving Bay


Our stunning process is incredibly specialised. We developed a stunner machine that controls the shape of the electrical wave form which is a pure sine wave (rising and falling wave motion) with alternating current.

Roller Conveyor Manufacturers

ABS and representations’ roller conveyors and conveyor tables are made from stainless steel and food grade synthetic materials. Additional to their roller conveyor manufacturing, we also offer value added solutions that include but are not limited belt lifters, underbelt sprays, belt cleaning systems etc.

Crate Washers

ABS and Representations Pty is the exclusive distributor of Crate washers and Hygiene Equipment for Nieros. Our Crates washers are amongst the best in best in the world and can be tailored to suit customer’s needs.


We offer different de-stacker solutions and conveyor systems that are engineered to manage the de-stacking process with little human intervention thereby alleviating time concerns and potentially injury opportunities.

Other Receiving Bay Equipment: Stackers



Our plucking machines are arguably the best money can buy considering the engineering expertise and experience used to develop this particular machine. Although the product is built from the robust quality materials Our machinery has become known for, their machines can be adjusted to the specific conformation of a chicken.


We Provide air jet scalders that offer an effective, maintenance free operation as they doesn’t require any nozzles. Efficient heat transfer solutions also help with the defeathering process. Our heat exchanges process offer good violent air agitation which is needed for effective defeathering.

Overhead Conveyor Suppliers

Our stainless steel, nylon wheel, glass filled nylon yolks are incredibly strong and are assembled inside Our Partner JF Equipment’s factory to ensure quality.

Chicken Plucker

ABS and Representations’s chicken pluckers make the art of removing feathers from poultry a simple and easy process thanks to years of industry knowledge and experience.

Bleeding Trough

The bleeding process and bleeding trough design in poultry processing is quite specialised to the amount of time it takes. We as a company has mastered this process and machine development that is designed to specifically fit into the manufacturing process according to specific design and layout factors, as well as the speed of the line.

Plucking Fingers

Our bespoke plucking fingers understand which shore hardness is required for each part of the defeathering process based on the type of bird and the processing requirements.

Other defeathering equipment: 
  • High Frequency Stunners
  • Head Pullers, Head Pumps
  • Hockcutters,
  • Leg Unloaders
  • Shackle Washers
  • Overhead Line

Offal Machinery

ABS and representations offers machinery that effectively process offal – both edible and waste offal.

Foot Plucking Machine
Head & Feet Mini Chillers
Head & Feet Packing Tables
Liver & Heart Packing Tables
Intestine Packing Tables
Water Screens

Manual Evisceration Machinery

Gizzard Peeling Machine

Semi-automatic gizzard processing comprises two machines 1: cut and clean, and 2: the gizzard skinner or gizzard peeling machine.

Evisceration Spoon

ABS and Representations Pty evisceration spoon is a sterilisable stainless steel tool that effectively removes the visceral pack from the bird (which can also include the lungs).

Spin Chiller

Our spin chiller operates on a specifically engineered counter-flow system that effectively cleans the birds as they pass through the machine.

Vent Cutter, Neck Cutter, Cropping Spoon, Neck Slitter, Overhead Line, Gizzard Splitter, Gizzard Wash Tables, Giblet Pumps, Shackle Washers, Bird Unloaders


Automatic Evisceration Machinery
Vent Cutter

Our Automatic Evisceration Machinery cleanly cuts the cloaca and removes it plus the intestine approximately 300mm from the bird. This process is specialised in that the way the system has been designed to manage the bird, prevents any cross contamination.

Opening Machine

The Opening Machine inserts a shielded blade that makes a slit in from the cloaca to the keel bone before moving onto the Evisceration (EV) Machine.

Evisceration (EV) Machine

The EV Machine itself inserts an ‘arm’ into the bird which follows the curve of breast and removes the intestinal pack.

Cropping Machine

The Cropping Machine, sometimes called a neck skin cleaner, drills through the empty carcass and clears the neck skins.

Neck Breaker Machine

Our Neck Breaker Machine removes the neck without damaging the neck skin.

Inside Outside Bird Washer Cutter

Like the name says, the Inside outside bird washer washes the inside and outside of the bird.

Spin Chiller

Our spin chiller is a flat bladed screw that pushes the bird through a water bath made of specialised stainless steel.

E.V Troughs


Water Chiller

Our water chiller ensures the water temperature remains consistent for the most effective cleaning of the bird.

Air Chilling

ABS and Representations Air Chilling system comprise of a conveyor which runs underneath the line pumping cold air through the system that chills the bird.

Overhead Line

 ABS and Representations  offers their overhead conveyors from glass-filled nylon yolk assemblies and offer them for either pipe or ‘T’ track lines.

Combi Chilling

This equipment allows the poultry to be chilled both by air and water which improves the quality of the chicken that undergoes the chilling process.

Other chilling equipment: Two Bird Shackles, Four Bird Shackles


Portion Cutter

ABS and Representations portion cutters are designed for accurate anatomical poultry cuts.

Chicken Injector

We supply a range of poultry or chicken injectors for either whole and/or portioned birds.

Overhead Lines and Conveyor Systems

Our Company offers a variation of overhead packing lines and conveyor systems which are developed and manufactured specifically for the needs of the abattoir or food processing plant.
These come with bespoke shackle assembly developed by JF Equipment and offer software management systems from weighing through to portion separation that assist with the processing procedure and packing requirements.

Other packaging equipment: Weighing Lines, Wash Hand Basins, Thigh De-Boner, Drumstick De-Boner, Fillet Slivers, Chunk Cutters